UPDATED 04-09-15: HAARP Being Used to Incite Anger, Fear, MK Ultra Programming in Americans for Obama?

Patriot News


NWO Using HAARP to Try to Stir Up Americans to Riot for FEMA Concentration Camp Agenda?

Kristan T. Harris | October 27, 2013
from the rundownlive.com:
A recent case back in August shows that police officer Seth P. Moseley filed a harassment complaint report by Aaron Alexis, a devote buddhist and the gunman in the Washington Navy Yard shooting. Aaron filed a complaint at the Marriot Hotel on August 7th stating that he got into a dispute with an “Unknown” individual in the airport.

The Police report states (Article attached below):

“Aaron believes that the individual that he got into an argument with has sent 3 people to follow him and keep him awake by talking to him and sending vibrations through his body.”

Aaron then goes on to state:

” that the individuals are using some sort of microwave machine” to send…

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