9/11 Investigator Tortured, Beaten and Lasered In Florida

Patriot News

This is the kind of garbage that foes of Obama and Bush and company have to deal with on a daily basis in America. Ron Angell, a 9/11 Investigative Journalist and gifted Civil Engineer, and frequent contributor to Patriot News, has been the victim of many felony crimes against his person, along with his mother, including imprisonment in his own home, torture and targeted individual harassment for several years. Those who have been attempting desperately to silence him have used Ann Angell (Patricia White), his mentally insane sister, an MK Ultra victim programmed apparently in Michigan in 1982 who may well be demonically-possessed, as many and perhaps all MK Ultras are. She certainly exhibits those symptoms. The woman has gone so far as to harass by telephone and spy on reporters and friends with whom Ron has been attempting to speak to for years, change his entire Facebook page, removeā€¦

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