Washington Governor Commits Treason by Actually Flying China’s Communist Flag Over Our Capitol Building

Patriot News


Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has committed Treason by flying the Communist flag of China over the State Capitol building in Olympia, WA. This is the first state in the union to do so, but it will not be the last, as this is a sign of capitulation and submission to China as part of the unlawful and treasonous deal the Vatican and Crown’s criminal U.S. CORPORATION made with China to give them a large part of our country and peoples as payment for an imaginary debt racked up by conspirators using unlawful counterfeit FEDERAL RESERVE BANK fiat paper. After throwing up watching the following video, call Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and demand his resignation for waging war against the United States of America (not the fictitious UNITED STATES CORPORATION to which he pledges his allegiance.)

Jay Inslee

P.S. – a huge “Thank You!” to all who took down this blood-soaked…

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