CIA Bandits Cancel Chemtrailing Program Access to Civilian Scientists Amid Mass Exposure

– The Washington Times – Friday, May 22, 2015

The CIA confirmed that its climate research program has ended — just days after President Obama called climate change “an immediate risk to our national security.”

Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis, or Medea, which began in the 1990s, allowed civilian scientists access to classified satellite data. The program was scrapped under former President George W. Bush, but reconstituted in 2010 under president Obama.

The CIA confirmed the cancellation of the program Thursday, news outlet Mother Jones cia-closing-its-main-climate-research-program” target=”_blank”>reported.

“These projects have been completed and CIA will employ these research results and engage external experts as it continues to evaluate the national security implications of climate change,” CIA spokesman Ryan Whaylen said Friday, Defense One cia-ends-its-climate-research-program/113560/” target=”_blank”>reported.


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