HuffPo, Fox’s “Page 6,” VH1 Auctioning Off Anna Nicole Smith’s 8 Year Old Girl to Pedophiles?

Patriot News

This sounds like a pedophile cattle auction. These people should be charged criminally. These freaks already allegedly raped and brainwashed, then murdered, her mother, now they are already starting on her apparently:

2015-05-04 13_52_12-annaannaanna3anna2anna02015-05-04 13_50_20-Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter the spitting image of tragic star _ Page Six

2015-05-04 13_55_50-2015-05-04 13_47_44-anna4  2015-05-04 13_54_06-2015-05-04 13_52_58-Dannielynn Birkhead All Grown Up at Kentucky Derby 2015_ Cute Photos - Us Weekly


WARNING: These MK Ultra videos of Anna Nicole’s torture at the hands of her apparent murderer and child molester, Satanist Howard K. Stern (pictured below videos) are extremely disturbing. If you still doubt the Nazi’s MK Ultra program being used in Hollywood today, you won’t after seeing this:

Excerpts from “Anna Nicole ‘Having Brain Trouble'” by Pseudo-Occult Media:


The above video is a more complete version of the infamous ‘Clown Video’ of Anna Nicole Smith in her dissociative child-like alter state (not knowing what a camera is, her general demeanor etc) which has finally been released by the courts. The video is kind of sad that 9 year old girl Riley is the one that seems the…

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