Obama/UN/CIA Nearly Kills 2600 People in Estacada, OR 2014-2015 False Flag Attacks?

September 2014 (during apparent FBI False Flag Forest Fire in Estacada, OR)



For the past several years the Portland FBI, the CIA and other pseudo-federal “law” enforcement agencies have apparently been involved in a growing number of False Flag Terrorism attacks on the United States of America. These are merely a couple of them from the past two years in a single city, Estacada, OR, which has been a victim of localized HAARP and CIA/Evergreen Air-connected Chemtrail attacks.

August 2014 Pics of Estacada Oregon skies:

chempics chempics3



Estacada has a stated population of about 2600 people, many of whom are gun owners who practice regularly at several shooting ranges, both natural and man-made. Shortly before these stories a black foreign or U.S. military helicopter was seen by residents violating Estacada’s airspace at an altitude of less than 100 feet, lingering in town and then heading up towards the natural shooting range that was soon destroyed by a mysterious “gun owner-caused” forest fire. After the apparent False Flag forest fire, the CIA/FAA’s apparent chemtrailing attacks INCREASED DRAMATICALLY, as shown in the photos below.




September pics (during fire):









(For some reason, KGW and all the other news and federal agencies never reported on the unbelievably-blatant chemtrail poisoning going on before and during the theoretically “Second Amendment caused” forest fire)



So what does all this have to do with a forest fire, you ask? Good question. The forest fire on Saturday (Sept. 13th, an occult date) was just beginning, and it comprised a small area. By Sunday it had expanded to 2000 acres with zero containment. Today, on Monday the 15th, it is now over 2800 acres large. Smoke is overtaking the entire Second Amendment Friendly town of Estacada…making us all sick. And conveniently, what is the NWO MSMedia claiming was the CAUSE of the fire? SECOND AMENDMENT GUN OWNERS, OF COURSE. I just talked to the woman at the DHS press info place above about this outrageous claim, and where the media got such a notion, and she said “someone” heard gunfire and reported it, and she said they think it was a “spark” from the gun. No joke.

Yes, you heard that right, folks. The news is claiming that “someone” reported having supposedly heard a gunshot in the area where the fire started. So that is “probably” the cause of the fire. A GUNSHOT. I am an Eagle Scout and I can tell you that is almost IMPOSSIBLE and is the very LEAST likely cause of this fire, especially when multiple campfires not being put out and innumerable illicit burn barrel garbage burnings have been reported this summer. And how CONVENIENT. Right as Estacada City is about to take on a City Charter Amendment that is SUPPORTIVE of ALL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, INCLUDING GUN RIGHTS, this happens. “Someone” reported the sound of a gun. Really? WHO? And were they paid to do so? Or were they DHS or Spetznak agents who actually may have SET the fire?

IN MIDST OF RAGING FOREST FIRE, NWO Chemtrailing Planes increase their dumping of poisons on Estacada residents

By Rick Bella | rbella@oregonian.com
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on September 16, 2014 at 11:02 AM, updated September 16, 2014 at 11:03 AM

Estacada fire: Weather helping firefighters working toward containment
Nearly everyone evacuated for 36 Pit Fire may return home, except for Silver Fox RV Park residents
Estacada fire: Fire grows to 4,000 acres, but weather, additional resources are keeping it in check for now
Estacada fire: Residents relieved to hear no homes lost, 7 percent containment
Estacada fire: Some school buses will be on modified routes again

All Stories | All Photos | All Videos

ESTACADA – A community meeting to update area residents on the 36 Pit Fire is set for tonight.

The meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church, 29101 S.E. Eagle Creek Road, just north of the city.

Representatives of the Estacada Fire District, U.S. Forest Service, American Red Cross and Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office are expected to discuss fire crews’ progress against the 3,588-acre blaze, evacuations, community preparedness and help available to those affected by the fire.

The fire, said to have been human-caused, erupted Saturday about 10 miles south of Estacada. High winds and extremely dry conditions then drove the blaze to expand quickly, jumping the Clackamas River and Oregon 224 on Sunday.

Gov. John Kitzhaber invoked the Oregon Conflagration Act, paving the way for more resources to help fight the fire.

Fire officials said they evacuated about 40 homes late Monday afternoon on Southeast Fall Creek and Michaels road, with another 120 homes put on a Level 2 evacuation order, meaning they should be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The Lazy Bend Campground and Work Center, Silver Fox RV Park and Ladee Flats off-highway vehicle area already have been evacuated.

The Red Cross has established a shelter at the First Baptist Church.
— in Estacada, Oregon.

2015 False Flag Sequel?


More apparent Portland area False Flags:




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