Obama/UN/CIA Nearly Kills 2600 People in Estacada, OR 2014-2015 False Flag Attacks?


September 2014 (during apparent FBI False Flag Forest Fire in Estacada, OR)



For the past several years the Portland FBI, the CIA and other pseudo-federal “law” enforcement agencies have apparently been involved in a growing number of False Flag Terrorism attacks on the United States of America. These are merely a couple of them from the past two years in a single city, Estacada, OR, which has been a victim of localized HAARP and CIA/Evergreen Air-connected Chemtrail attacks.

August 2014 Pics of Estacada Oregon skies:




Estacada has a stated population of about 2600 people, many of whom are gun owners who practice regularly at several shooting ranges, both natural and man-made. Shortly before these stories a black foreign or U.S. military helicopter was seen by residents violating Estacada’s airspace at an altitude of less than 100 feet, lingering in town and then heading up towards the natural shooting range that…

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