Pro-Life Group Brings Jumbotron With Graphic Abortion Video To College Campuses – And It’s Actually Changing Minds!

Tuesday, 05/26/2015 – 11:23 am EST
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This is actually a pretty good idea.

According to this, the pro-life group, Created Equal, is taking a video showing the results of abortion and traveling around to different college campuses with this display. The video is shown on a Jumbotron that’s set up in public places on campus and shows graphic still images of first-, second-, and third-trimester abortions. The group’s CEO, Mark Harrington, said this about the campaign –

“If showing the dismemberment, decapitation, and disemboweling of another human doesn’t change a person’s mind, then the problem is not the tactic but the lack of a functioning conscience […]The fact is, no one has ever been successful in outlawing injustice by covering it up.”
“Our goal is to make abortion unthinkable […] Once abortion becomes unthinkable, then it will become unlawful.”

The tactic is pretty ballsy, I’ll give them that. And, according to members of the group, they’ve actually had people change their minds right there on the spot. Usually, these are people who don’t seem to care one way or the other – Harrington says that they rarely sway the hardcore pro-abortion people, but if you can sway anybody, that’s totally a win.

Then again, it’s hard to stick by the pro-abortion stance when you’re seeing the body parts of innocent babies just thrown out like garbage. I mean, try screaming “MY BODY MY CHOICE!” when you’ve got the bodies of tiny humans who never had the chance for choices of their own staring you in the face. Which is probably why some pro-abortion groups have tried to shut down the display when it comes to campus – one professor even tried to unplug the Jumbotron and other students held up huge pictures of puppies and kittens near Created Equal’s display, imploring students to “Avert your eyes to me!” (Safe spaces, I guess.)

The point is – things like this are working. You don’t defeat evil without confronting it. Abortion is evil of the highest degree and it deserves to be dragged out in the open with all of its horrible, disgusting, and heartbreaking imagery put on display. Do I like seeing images of dismembered babies in blood-soaked buckets? Of course not! It’s disturbing and graphic and ruins my day. But what is my day compared to the hundreds upon thousands of lives that could be saved if abortion is once again seen as something to be shunned rather than celebrated?

So you keep on, Created Equal!


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