Principal Kidnapped, Tortured Into Giving False Confession by Local Copsters

Patriot News

Principal Calls Police Way Out of Line

     FARGO, N.D. (CN) – Police denied a high school principal food, water and sleep and destroyed evidence after falsely arresting and interrogating him about a school fire, costing him his job, he claims in court.
Thomas Sander sued the City of Dickinson and three of its police officers on Monday in Federal Court.
Sander was principal of Trinity High School when a fire started in a vault in the school’s main office area on March 3, 2014.
Over the next three days, police “seized, confined, and subjected [him] to unreasonable force, including coercive, threatening, and intimidating interrogation,” Sander says in the civil rights complaint.
He claims the defendants even refused to let him go to the bathroom to coerce him into a false confession, and that they refused to let…

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